Monday, 5 July 2010

Badgering On

I don’t come from a hairy family. Previously having contended only with the downy upper lip growth similar to that of a young Mediterranean girl, shaving has been a rare ritual. Until now, I have wet shaved with good quality cream applied with the fingertips. But as further growth is cropping up around my chin and cheeks the ritual takes place more often and I have decided to invest in a shaving brush. I have chosen one of medium size filled with super badger hair (to clarify the adjective, badger hair is graded from pure to best, super and finally silvertip).

Why? Partly because in my formative years a badger sat upon my face and I found the experience to be hugely enjoyable, but mostly because there are three principle benefits: A richer lather is created, the brush exfoliates the skin and it lifts follicles away from the face allowing for a more even shave.

In addition, a good shave is a sensual delight. My friend James, whom I care for dearly, only dry shaves and it annoys me intensely. Much like Nazism or obesity. Why forgo such a delicious pleasure? Some plea there is not enough time. This is bilge of the highest order. If a gentleman can’t set aside a quarter of an hour to indulge himself (steady on) I think a severe readjustment of priorities is in order.

Like many boys I first became aware of the basics whilst watching my father shave, talking to him whilst perched on the edge of the bathtub. For those who are used to dry shaving (HEATHENS!) or others needing guidance have a gander at the advice proffered by the gurus of Geo F. Trumper.

Choose to wet shave with a good brush.

The best a toad can get.

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